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Should I hire a wedding planner?

According to the most recent surveys, the cost of getting married in the UK has reached an all time high of approximately £30,000. With that figure in mind, “Should I hire a wedding planner” is a question that many brides ask. Brides that are on a tight budget seem to think that by skipping hiring a wedding planner they will save money that can be used towards their wedding day. However, by choosing the right planner, you could actually end up saving money! Here’s how…

A planner will have so many connections with reputable suppliers in the area. They will only recommend suppliers who they can trust and that can provide the best service for your wedding. It may take you hours to find suppliers, and finding the right suppliers is key to your wedding’s success. You could spend hundreds of pounds by paying a deposit to a supplier that doesn’t fulfil your expectations. We receive a discount from many of our recommended suppliers and as we are members of the UKAWP we ensure that we pass discounts to our clients.

Many couples who are getting married for the first time don’t know how much things cost, a wedding planner will ensure that you will make the most of your wedding budget. Small decisions can have a big impact on your budget, and a good planner will steer you in the right direction. We provide a budget breakdown for you at the outset and review the budget regularly throughout the planning process. We get the best deals with our suppliers so you can have the wedding of your dreams while staying on budget.

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Planning the perfect wedding is a big investment of your time and money. If you’re both working full time, you may feel pressed for time or overwhelmed by the thought of finding and interviewing individual suppliers. A planner will do all the arrangements for you and pay attention to the small and detailed requirements. There are different options available. We offer a full planning service, we take responsibility for keeping everyone on track and guide the couple throughout the entire process. A partial planning option is suitable for a couple that have planned the majority of their wedding and need our help with some final elements. We also offer ‘on the day wedding coordinator’, this will help to alleviate a lot of the stress associated with the final days of planning and the planner will act as a point of contact for suppliers and guests on the day.

We offer a very unique ‘A la carte service’ starting at £100 for couples that wish to do all the planning themselves but need a bit of guidance. We can assist you in finding the perfect venue in North Wales, based on your budget and style. We can help you find talented and reliable suppliers, create a timeline for your suppliers or provide you with a budget planner.

Most importantly, think of your planner as a safety net on your wedding day. You as a couple should be able to enjoy your special day, not worry about the planned details. The planner will liaise with suppliers and ensure that everything runs smoothly, leaving you to spend extra time with your loved ones and to soak up every memorable second of your wedding day.

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